Tuesday, 25 October 2011

.somethings are just too good to be true.

I want to be the guy who moves your hair out of your eyes and compliments you constantly.
Who lets you use my chest as a pillow and strokes your hair as you fall asleep.
A person you can rely on no matter the situation.
Someone who doesn't just hugs you but makes you feel wanted and loved.
Someone who would beat the crap out of you because they hurt your  feelings.
A person who loves you not just for your perfections, but for your imperfections as well.
Someone who tells you not that you are hot but that you are beautiful in every way
Someone who holds you when you are cold or goes out of his way just to see your face
I want to be that guy who loves you forever 
who whispers in your ear "I love you" and kisses you gently and holds you tight.
But I will never be that guy because
i only exist, in your dreams boo :') and it will keep that way forever .
maybe this is fate telling me were not meant to be or that i should fight harder.

Thursday, 20 October 2011


we will never know . things happe for a reason . sometimes are just for us . could learn and become stronger . i will always love you . you are perfect to me . for life reasons we are not together that dosnt mean i dont love you . i have make a lot of mistakes . i dont want to hurt you . all i want for you is the best . dont Misunderstood my feelings are clear . all they want is you . i see you in everything i do . lucky the man who will have you . all i can say is that i will envy that guy ;) i know i have lost my chance . i just wish you the best!

you are the type of girl every guy wish to have . you are just perfect . no matter what you would be , are always in my heart . we have a story that any couple .wish to have . we have to many memories(goods and bads) sorry if i have make you feel bad . from now on your smile will be my smile . all i want for is to be happy . the last thing that i would say is that if there is someone who you can count its me . i'd still rememmber     when we were perfectly happy. when we were one. when we were together. when i was yours, you were mine. when we couldn't go two days without each other and when you was on vacation you were worried sick. you missed the hell out of me so when you got back you hugged the hell out of me and said how you missed me so much.i don't get how you could tell me so many times that you loved me, and wanted to be with me :') those memories will be the part of me that cant ever erase or fade .

            *I might be single, but please cupid don't get near my heart for a while please.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

It does sound a little kiddish, but I don't care and I'm still a kid by heart. Its yet another reason to celebrate and feel happy which I would never want to miss ;)
Its a day when people make us feel special.An occasion to dress up smart.Its the time to realize that we have grown a year older.A reason to cook your favorite dishes.One time when even enemies wish you.A day when mom would never scold you for your mischiefs.Its a special day when we can treat our friends.One day of the year we feel like "Celebrities"
As I said, I did feel like a "Celebrity" today cause of all the wishes I got from known friends, little know friends and even UNKNOWN friends ;)Thank you to one and all who wished me today. You all absolutely made my birthday one of the most MEMORABLE ONES FOR MY LIFETIME :)
Its a few years since I crossed my teen and since then it has been a syndrome to feel bad on my birthday for have GROWN UP :( aaaha after all its human to grow and human rights to feel bad :P
But today one of my facebook friend had wished me beautifully saying "YOU'RE NOT AGING.. YOU'RE MARINATING". Once I read that, I literally said it more than ten times like echoing effect and I really mean nothing could have made me feel better of GROWING OLD :) 
So true.. I'm growing COOLER and WISER ;) My mom never agrees the later. After all I am always a kid to her even after I stopped CHEWING MY THUMB :P
This time my birthday was just another happy day at home spent entirely with mom and dad, the reasons behind me here on earth :)Of course I did bid a hi to the deities in the morning and the rest of the day was spent on phone saying a MILLION THANKS to all ;)
A few surprise calls from fellow thats also made my day ;)
from the bottom of my heart i dedicate my special thanks to all people surround me that keep give me strenght  and support all my action . YOU GUYS ROCK !