Sunday, 2 October 2011

It does sound a little kiddish, but I don't care and I'm still a kid by heart. Its yet another reason to celebrate and feel happy which I would never want to miss ;)
Its a day when people make us feel special.An occasion to dress up smart.Its the time to realize that we have grown a year older.A reason to cook your favorite dishes.One time when even enemies wish you.A day when mom would never scold you for your mischiefs.Its a special day when we can treat our friends.One day of the year we feel like "Celebrities"
As I said, I did feel like a "Celebrity" today cause of all the wishes I got from known friends, little know friends and even UNKNOWN friends ;)Thank you to one and all who wished me today. You all absolutely made my birthday one of the most MEMORABLE ONES FOR MY LIFETIME :)
Its a few years since I crossed my teen and since then it has been a syndrome to feel bad on my birthday for have GROWN UP :( aaaha after all its human to grow and human rights to feel bad :P
But today one of my facebook friend had wished me beautifully saying "YOU'RE NOT AGING.. YOU'RE MARINATING". Once I read that, I literally said it more than ten times like echoing effect and I really mean nothing could have made me feel better of GROWING OLD :) 
So true.. I'm growing COOLER and WISER ;) My mom never agrees the later. After all I am always a kid to her even after I stopped CHEWING MY THUMB :P
This time my birthday was just another happy day at home spent entirely with mom and dad, the reasons behind me here on earth :)Of course I did bid a hi to the deities in the morning and the rest of the day was spent on phone saying a MILLION THANKS to all ;)
A few surprise calls from fellow thats also made my day ;)
from the bottom of my heart i dedicate my special thanks to all people surround me that keep give me strenght  and support all my action . YOU GUYS ROCK !

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