Tuesday, 22 November 2011

im proud to be malaysian

Well as you can see , malaysia just won final soccer match between indonesia at the sea games XVII :D at last, after been waiting for 21 years since last championship in 1991.I can say that the match quite tough . Because it ended on penalty kick that has been complete by BADROL BAKHTIAR :D its really something that can be proud of eventhough imma not "football-holic" but im enjoying the match instead i finnaly realize how proud i am to be malaysian :D and i can say that our team will not won the match without this two "back bone" or "man of match" it is BADROL BAKTHIAR (C) and KHAIRUL FAHMI(GK) . THEY ARE ROCKK ! And we also just take a few step to change our soccer sport into a new whole world.GO TIGER GOOOO !

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