Monday, 21 November 2011

there no perfect father but a father will love you perfectly

You may start crying .yeah,just let those ego and evilish whisper out.Give yourself for a minute to flashback what have you done to your old folks.Maybe you have scratch their heart and maybe you also make their eye weather before.Now its not too late to regret.Its time for you to make it better and make it right.They maybe havent show it,its just you to look for it and make it how it should be.Rememmber guys,there's only one mother and one father in this world.No matter how much they hurt you,all that they want is you to learn to survive in this world and make your future more brighter also they dont want you live in darkness.They would sacrifice all they have just to see you happy and live with joy among other even you put them aside.This video would make you be more cautions about what a father would do in order to see his daughter live happily beside him.Just a minute.Give your self a time to think about this.And together we could learn mistake from the past and not repeating again and again in the future cause we dont know when their time will come and when that time come,regret doesnt help guys.ok bye bye :)

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