Sunday, 13 November 2011


Well i guess i dont need to explain futher about today post -.- so here we are . After eleven years study so this will be the final exam that will determine the future of mine in the year to come ;) My first paper will take first place tomorrow . Starting 8.00 a.m . GOSHHH* i got my knee all shaking up even just thinkin about it -.- How ever hard it may be , i have to face it too .

Since it just around the corner , i've take a few step to make me not loose focus about it . Step one-study till late on the subject that i couldnt catch up (MATHEMATICS OF COURSE) -.- Step two-study group,actually not group . i prefer use 'couplestudy' since its just me and my classmate -.- (SHAHIDAN YUNUS)*he's goddamn good in mathematics though* Final step-closing FACEBOOK account :D wow!insted i myself didnt believe it for the first time -.- *you know im an facebookholic though* so there's no more MRFAZZMIDDLETON ;) i will miss that .

My dad once says that , "after all my sick and tiredness in growing you up , all i asked is do  your best in this exam , make me proud of you , thats all i've asked" jyeahh daddy , i will rockk this . A VERY MUCH THANKYOU for take care of me until this day with your lovingness heart , i promise will not let you down papa :')

Well i guess thats enough for today . To all spm candidates batch 2011 , im wishing you all the best for tomorrow , lets rock this ! Until then guys . SEE YAA !

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